One of my very best friends emailed me this piece a few days ago.  I must admit once I first got it I cried.  Not sad tears but happy tears, comforting tears to know that people looking from the outside in are trying to cope with my daughter’s diagnosis, just like we are.

My best friend has a child with narcolepsy and I don’t know how to deal.

By: Caroline Gavin

All of my girlfriends call me their Olivia Pope because I fix things.

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Beauty and the Beast-2017-Review

This week Cherrie and I were invited to see Beauty and the Beast.  All of the magic of a true Disney movie came to life while watching this film.

I remember watching the animated version of Beauty and the Beast, with my younger cousins, at my grandmother’s house when were kids.  My cousin even wore Belle’s dress in her dad’s wedding.  All Disney movies in my opinion become instant classics.  

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LENT 2017

Today marks the first day of Lent.  I can remember going to the grocery store one evening as a child and seeing a dark cross on a family’s forehead.  I’m honestly not sure if we attended many Ash Wednesday services as a child or not, but I do remember seeing this and finding it rather odd.

As a teen I dated and fell head over heels in love with a preacher. 

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He made the Cast

In our first edition I talked about what it was like for my son’s first real audition.  Well after three days we found out he made the cast.  You can read all about his reaction here.  As the mom it is your job to be happy that your child is excelling.  Believe me I am absolutely his biggest cheer leader and while in theory I knew what I was signing up for but was I really ready,

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Last week we were invited to the Atlanta Ronald McDonald House to learn more about their programming.  As we drove through Atlanta traffic at 4pm in the pouring down rain both of my children was enjoying some serious sleep in the car.  I cranked up the Radio Disney and fought my way through Atlanta traffic.  The GPS guided us as though we were headed to our monthly check in at Scottish Rite.  Only once we reached the turn we went the opposite direction!  

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Celebrate The Small Things

As a semi-new home-school mom I still struggle with a lot of things.  In the beginning I struggled with celebrating the small things.  You know those tiny nit picking things.  Like celebrating when you kids take out the garbage or clean the kitchen without you asking.  Those are major to me, and minor to others.

the unschool philosophy

We have adopted the practice of unschooling Cherrie.  What exactly is unschooling?  

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2017 Stage Mom Chronicles Edition One

I think I shall call this blog, the Stage Mom Chronicles!

In addition to having a beautiful narcoleptic tween, my time is also spent molding my oldest son for a career on the stage.  So as an introduction my oldest is Marshall.  I know I’m his mother and so I’m a little biased but he is a really amazing performer.  He absolutely loves all things Broadway!  

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Our annual check up routine.

A few months ago I took the kids to the pediatrician and she was alarmed with their lifestyle.  Basically she said the kids needed to exercise more and eat fruits and veggies.  Imagine being a kid and hearing this and freaking completely out.  It took months to get on the intake schedule at the Healthy for Life Clinic at Children’s Healthcare of Atlanta.  Last we went in for our first visit.  

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To sum up my 2016 reflections:
It was a year of firsts for me.
No more excuses…

For years I had thought about blogging, but never really made a full attempt to do so.  Last year was a big JUMP year for me.  So not only did I launch this blog, I launched two more!  As a Pastry Chef and Instructor I launched a site called The ChefKimihou for my students.  I also monitor my son’s website strictly focusing on the arts called MWMIV Speaks.  

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Imagine sitting at your local library during a meeting for kids and parents all around the same age.  The kids are all grabbing chapter books and Harry Potter Novels while your child heads over to the early reader section and picks up the first book she sees on puppies or kittens.  There are more pictures then there are words.  You end up finding a chapter book with a puppy on the front and you convince your daughter this is just like those other beginning reader books.  

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